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Train like a women and have more energy for living!

I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years and I have done lots of courses over the years.  What I have realised is that very little is taught about the physiology and anatomy of the female body.  We cover a bit about anatomy a quick one page about the pelvic floor and another about the Q angle and how it is different from a man’s.  The truth is that there is so much more to talk about than this from the moment we start puberty we have to consider the changes in our bodies, our menstrual cycle, the terminology and understanding of our anatomy (I have learnt a lot since starting this knowledge journey), the menopause to properly fitting bras, the benefits of training to our hormone health, longevity and mental health and so much more.

It is important that we work with our bodies not against them and that we learn to love who we are and feel the benefits of exercise rather than seeing it as a punishment or gruelling task to obtain the body beautiful.  Exercise and good nutrition is the best way to care for your body and mind giving you more energy for living life!

Join me on my journey to learn and share as much information as I can about training like a women and fitness through the eyes of a female trainer! Training smarter and learning to be kind to yourself!

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